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Controlbox (Box-B brain box) with screw connectors. Perfect if sufficient room is available and a quick wiring installation is required. Can be used with the Axel Joost RFID or Bluetooth module for a keyless 'ignition-on' operation. Functions: - Ignition (with or without side stand switch control) via ignition switch or the optional RFID-module (954156) or Bluetooth (954157) module - Switch output, for parking light etc. - Starter (with or without neutral switch control) - Headlamp with button or switch control - Turn signal relay, controlled with buttons or switches - Brakelight with selectable flasher function - Horn - Dimensions: 92 mm x 50 mm x 36 mm including connector terminals - Body material: shock resistant ABS plastic, waterproof poured resin - Case Color: Black - Main connections: 2.5 qmm - Power consumption in standby: About 0.2 mA - Maximum ambient temperature: 80 degree Celsius - Maximum output current: 5 Ampere / output - Input voltage range: 7 - 18 Volt - Maximum current / Box: 20 Ampere. Note: See 954156 RFID antenna for this B-Box. Allows you to switch-on ignition without a mechanical key. Offers plug & play installation ease.