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Merke: Avon
Manufactured in the USA with Kraton rubber and feature a very soft serrated texture to help hang on to your bike Finished off with only the best - 6061 billet aluminum spike end caps and collars Passer 1" Styre For 1 inch handlebars - dual wire
Merke: KOSO
Quick clamp-on / off style grip heaters. No special or complicated heated grip set installation required. Use them when needed, remove them when not. Easily connects to any regular USB port of 2.1A output or higher. - Dimensions: 94 mm x 34.7 mm - Works with grips with 31 to 35 mm diameter - Working voltage: DC 5 Volt - Consumed Power: 10 Watt - USB port recommended specs: Output above DC 5 V / 2.1A - IP Level: IP54 (non-waterproof) - Effective working range: -10 to +60°C - Weight: approx 86 grams - Wiring length: approx. 73cm Fits: > Universal