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- With provision for the ECU - Fender is manufactured with 10mm offset for use with OEM frame and swingarm Steel fender with approval - Fender struts that are welded to the inside of the fender for a smooth result - Manufactured with a BK Stiletto fender as base - The 'Inside Width' size is the distance between the left & right inside of the fender (strut) Note: Due to manufacturing tolerances slight modifications may be required. Fitment checks advised. Note: A custom fabricated seat is required. A special NCC custom seat base plate for a custom seat is separately available as 904017 for 87-17 Softail Note: Check your local MCS dealer or the MCS sales department for exact type of approval and validity on bike model and years on the test report. Fits: > 00-05 Softail in custom applications (NU)