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Merke: MCS
LOCKED THRUST WASHER, CAMSHAFT With 'ears'. Fits against the crankcase, behind camshaft. This is the locked 'early' 58-90 model for which a separate thrust washer shim is used to achieve correct camshaft end-play. It is also used in virtually all aftermarket 58-99 single cam engines. Note: For 91-99 OEM cases the MCS 906636 thrust washer is used, which is not 'locked' since it has no 'ears'. For this thrustwasher shims for correct end-play cannot be used since the thinnest is already too thick. Fits: > 58-90 B.T. (OEM CASES); 58-99 B.T. (AFTERMARKET CASES) (EXCL. ALL TC)
Modellnummer: 25577-36. 25551-36
Merke: MCS
BUSHING KIT, CAM & GEAR SHAFT 36-53 OHV B.T. Complete kit to set your cam up right, without missing anything. Kit includes following OEM part numbers: 3x 275 gear cover bushing pins, 1x 25551-36 cam gear thrust washer, 1x 25597-36 crankcase cam gear bushing, 1x 25581-36 crankcase cover gear bushing, 1x crankcase cover pinion gear bushing, 3x 25785-30A idler gear/circuit breaker bushings. Repl. OEM 25577-36 bushing kit. Fits: > 36-47 Knuckelhead; 48-53 Panhead (NU)
Merke: JIMS
JIMS.When still present it is advised to replace the low cost OEM needle bearing in 92-99 Evolution Big Twin models marked 'INA SCE 138 USA' with a 'full needle' bearing to increase reliability. Especially important when using higher lift cams, which increases stress in the camshaft bearing. Fits: > 58-99 B.T. (excl. Twin Cam) (NU)
JAMES, CAMSHAFT SEALS. DOUBLE LIP Double lip. Rubber OD. OEM replacement reference 83162-51. Fits: > 70-99 B.T. (excl. Twin Cam); S&S V-series engines (NU): Camshaft 51-73 45" (750cc) Servi-Car: Rear axle pris pr stk