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Merke: MCS
ALTERNATOR STATOR MOUNTING KIT Used to mount most 70-E85 alternator stators inside the crankcase. Includes lock plates 29988-73, wire retainer 29954-71 and hardware 2x 2216W screw, 4x 2653 (10-24 x 7/8") bolt, 4x 7118 lockwasher. Note: It is recommended to use a thread locker when installing the bolts into the crankcase. Fits: > 70-E85 B.T. (excl. Twin Cam) (NU)
Merke: MCS
NUT, SPR/SHAFT EXTENSION, 1-3/8"(35MM) Fits: > 91-06 Softail; 85-94 FXR; 91-05 Dyna; 85-06 FLT(NU)