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Modellnummer: 931615
Merke: Champion
(6R12). 12mm threaded. 19mm (1/2") . Custom replacement for 32317-80 and 32362-04A. Passer til 99-17 Twin Cam; 86-20 XL (excl. XR1200) Pr Stk Pris
Modellnummer: 931614
Merke: Champion
H-D 5R6A. 14mm threaded, long reach. Used with a 21mm spark plug socket. Copper-core center electrode. Spark plug comes with the patented Ultraseal™ coated shell, to help keep the spark plug body corrosion free and better looking for a longer period of time. Fits: > L78-E82 FL; L78-79 FX; 84-99 B.T.(excl. TC); 75-E78 FL, FX (NU) Pris pr.stk.
Modellnummer: Y2418
Merke: ACCEL
For Twin Cam 99-17. 86-20 XL (excl. XR1200) U-groove = beste gnisten Selges som Par (2 STK)
Modellnummer: 22129
Merke: Champion
H-D Nummer (5R6A). 14mm threaded, 3/4" (19mm) 78-81, 84 FL Shovel, 78-81, 84 FX Shovel, 85-94 FX Model, 91-98 Dyna, 84-99 Softail, 86-98 Touring Pris pr stk
Merke: MCS
With male 'spade' type terminals. 1/8" NPT threaded. OEM reproduction. For use in stock and custom applications. Fits: > 71-84(NU)FL; L72-84(NU)FX; 82-94(NU)FXR; 84-20 Softail; 80-20 FLT/Touring; 91-07(NU)Dyna; 02-17(NU)V-Rod; 79-20 XL
Modellnummer: 1 AMP
FULLY AUTOMATIC 1 AMP BATTERY MAINTAINER Battery Range: 6V: 12Ah 12V: 32Ah Recommended for: Motorcycles, lawnmowers, four-wheelers, classic cars (6V) SPI 6/12V-1A Battery Charger Specifications subject to change without notice. DC Voltage 6/12V Nominal AC Voltage 230VAC – 50Hz Max. charging current 1A Dimensions (mm) 145 (L) x 90 (W) x 45 (H) Weight 0.4 kg Multilingual digital display No Aeration system No Battery Type AGM, Standard, Gel, Calcium, Start/Stop Fuse 7.5A IP Rating IP54
Modellnummer: 931611
Merke: Champion
H-D 10R12A. 12mm threaded.. Custom replacement for OEM 32335-04. Fits: > 02-17 V-Rod; 96-10 all Buell Pr Stk Pris
Modellnummer: YTX20HL-BS
Merke: YUASA
Volt: 12 Ah: 18,9 Lengde: 175 mm Bredde: 87 mm Høyde: 155 Vekt: 6,3 kg Kjemi: Bly (Pb) Info: 12V-18,9Ah Info2: CCA EN1 (Amps): 310 Diverse: High Performance M FFits: > 97-21 Softail; 97-17(NU)Dyna; 97-03(NU)XL; 07-17(NU)V-Rod (excl. 2007 VRSCR); all Buell S1, S3, ST, M2, X1
Modellnummer: OEM 6R10 / RG6HCC
Merke: NGK
Repl. for OEM 6R10 / RG6HCC. 10mm threaded. 19mm (3/4") reach. 4 used on M8, 2 used on XG. Used with a 16mm spark plug socket. NGK copper core V-Power spark plugs feature a specially designed v-groove center electrode, improving ignitability and reducing quenching. The 98% pure copper core delivers increased heat dissipation for more reliable starts and reduced risk of overheating. - Cold-rolled threads prevent cross-threading and damage to cylinder heads. - Trivalent plating eliminates need for anti-seize. - High-grade alumina silicate ceramic. Fits: > 17-22 M8; 15-20(NU)Street XG750/500; 17-20(NU)XG750A Pris pr stk
Modellnummer: 32726-30A
Stock style replacement for OEM 32726-30. Fits: > 30-99 B.T.(excl. Twin Cam); 54-03 XL (excl. 58-69 XL with magneto) IKKE MAGNET
Merke: NGK
Two steps cooler than OEM 6R12. 12mm threaded. 19mm (3/4") reach. Used with a 16mm spark plug socket. Removable terminal. The NGK Iridium IX spark plugs offer improved throttle response, superior anti-fouling and high-ignitability, which makes Iridium IX® ideal for the performance enthusiast, even better than platinum. Iridium's extremely high melting point is perfectly suited to today's high-temperature engines, delivering outstanding acceleration, fuel efficiency and double to triple the lifespan of a copper core plug. - Fine iridium tip ensures high durability and a consistently stable spark. - Trivalent metal plating for superior anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties. - Outstanding acceleration, high fuel efficiency and durability. Fits: > 2 steps cooler: 99-17 Twin Cam. 08-12 XR1200. 02-17 V-Rod. 1 step cooler: 89-92 Buell RS1200; 97-02 M2 Cyclone; 96-98 S1 White Lightning; 94-95 S2 Thunderbolt; 97-02 S3 Thunderbolt; 98-02 X1 Lightning. Pris pr stk
Modellnummer: 920090
Merke: MCS
OEM-stil erstatning for styresylinderen. Inkl. ledninger. Merk: Passer alle modeller med pre CAN-bus / HDLAN stil ledninger. Fits: > 96-10 Softail; 96-11 Dyna; 96-13 Touring; 96-13 XL; 02-13 V-Rod (NU)
Modellnummer: 508633
Merke: MCS
Enkelt kraftig startrelé for bruk med 508632/4 og 900503/900655 håndstartere Passer til: > 65-86 4-sp FL, FX-modeller.; 84-88 Softail (NU) med håndstarter
Modellnummer: 950787
Merke: Nitro
Quality AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) sealed batteries. Tested, tried and approved as an excellent performer. Maintenance free. 12 Volt, 12AH; 200 CCA. Dimensions: Length 149 X Width 87 X Height 145mm Fits: > 02-06 all V-Rod; 2007 VSCR V-Rod only; 03-10 Buell XB & Buell Blast (NU)
Modellnummer: 509065
2-pin maale. Solid state. Fits: > 81-88 B.T.(NU)
Modellnummer: 516815
Merke: MCS
12V. 5 OHM. POINTS IGNITION. BLACK Fits: > 65-79 B.T., XL(NU)