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Modellnummer: RA8HC. 32317-80. 32362-04A.
(6R12). 12mm threaded. 19mm (1/2") . Custom replacement for 32317-80 and 32362-04A. Passer til 99-17 Twin Cam; 86-20 XL (excl. XR1200) Pr Stk Pris
Modellnummer: YTX20HL-BS
Merke: YUASA
Volt: 12 Ah: 18,9 Lengde: 175 mm Bredde: 87 mm Høyde: 155 Vekt: 6,3 kg Kjemi: Bly (Pb) Info: 12V-18,9Ah Info2: CCA EN1 (Amps): 310 Diverse: High Performance M FFits: > 97-21 Softail; 97-17(NU)Dyna; 97-03(NU)XL; 07-17(NU)V-Rod (excl. 2007 VRSCR); all Buell S1, S3, ST, M2, X1
Modellnummer: 71590-96A
Merke: MCS
OEM-stil erstatning for styresylinderen. Inkl. ledninger. Merk: Passer alle modeller med pre CAN-bus / HDLAN stil ledninger. Fits: > 96-10 Softail; 96-11 Dyna; 96-13 Touring; 96-13 XL; 02-13 V-Rod (NU) OEM :71590-98
Modellnummer: 1 AMP
FULLY AUTOMATIC 1 AMP BATTERY MAINTAINER Battery Range: 6V: 12Ah 12V: 32Ah Recommended for: Motorcycles, lawnmowers, four-wheelers, classic cars (6V) SPI 6/12V-1A Battery Charger Specifications subject to change without notice. DC Voltage 6/12V Nominal AC Voltage 230VAC – 50Hz Max. charging current 1A Dimensions (mm) 145 (L) x 90 (W) x 45 (H) Weight 0.4 kg Multilingual digital display No Aeration system No Battery Type AGM, Standard, Gel, Calcium, Start/Stop Fuse 7.5A IP Rating IP54
Modellnummer: RN12YC
Pr stk. 14mm threaded, 3/4" (19mm) long reach. Use with a 21mm spark plug socket. Copper-core center electrode with the patented SAC-9 semiconductor resistor. Spark plug comes with the patented Ultraseal™ coated shell, to help keep the spark plug body corrosion free and better looking for a longer period of time. Fits: > L79-80 B.T. (NU); Indian: 02-08 Chief/Deluxe/Springfield/Roadmaster/Vintage; 2009 Chief Classic (Brembo calipers); 2009 Chief Standard (Brembo calipers); 2009 Chief Roadmaster (Brembo calipers)
Modellnummer: 931606
CHAMPION, COPPER PLUS SPARK PLUG. J12YC H-D 3-4. 14mm threaded, 1/2" (12.7mm) short reach. Used with 21mm spark plug socket. Copper-core center electrode. Spark plug comes with the patented Ultraseal™ coated shell, to help keep the spark plug body corrosion free and better looking for a longer period of time. Fits: > 48-74 B.T. (NU) pr.stk
Modellnummer: Y2418P
Merke: ACCEL
For Twin Cam 99-17. 86-20 XL (excl. XR1200) platinum U-groove = beste gnisten (2 STK)
Modellnummer: 2410P
Merke: ACCEL
ACCEL 2410P. PLATINUM, 75-E82 FL; 75-79 FX; 84-99 EVO B.T. platinum U-groove = beste gnisten 2 stk
Modellnummer: 931611
CHAMPION, RAX94YC. H-D 10R12A. 12mm threaded.. Custom replacement for OEM 32335-04. Fits: > 02-17 V-Rod; 96-10 all Buell Pr Stk Pris
Fitments 97-02 M2, 97-99 S3, 99-02 X1, 91-17 Dyna, 91-20 Softail, 07-17 V-Rod, 97-03 Sportster Battery Type: AGM Cold Cranking Amps: 310 A Capacity: 21 Ah Color: Yellow Depth: 86 mm Height mm: 154 mm Voltage: 12 V
Modellnummer: 508633
Merke: MCS
Enkelt kraftig startrelé for bruk med 508632/4 og 900503/900655 håndstartere Passer til: > 65-86 4-sp FL, FX-modeller.; 84-88 Softail (NU) med håndstarter
Merke: MCS
12V. 5 OHM. POINTS IGNITION. BLACK Fits: > 65-79 B.T., XL(NU)
Modellnummer: 514D14
H-D #4, one range colder. M18 X 1.5 threaded. 1/2" (12.7mm) short reach. Used with 24mm spark plug socket. This D14 (H-D #4) is one range colder (runs less hot/removes heat faster) than the standard D16 (H-D #3) spark plug. This D16 is available as MCS 931600. The cooler running proporties make this D14 is better suited for high speed riding, as found in extended highway use. Spark plug is copper-core center electrode and comes with the patented Ultraseal™ coated shell, to help keep the spark plug corrosion free for a longer period of time. Fits: > 750(45")/1200(74")/1340(80") Side Valve (Flatheads); 36-47 Knucklehead (61/74") (OHV) models (NU)
Modellnummer: OEM 6R10 / RG6HCC
Merke: NGK
NGK, SPARK PLUG CR9EB . for OEM 6R10 / RG6HCC. 10mm threaded. 19mm (3/4") reach. 4 used on M8, 2 used on XG. Used with a 16mm spark plug socket. NGK copper core V-Power spark plugs feature a specially designed v-groove center electrode, improving ignitability and reducing quenching. The 98% pure copper core delivers increased heat dissipation for more reliable starts and reduced risk of overheating. - Cold-rolled threads prevent cross-threading and damage to cylinder heads. - Trivalent plating eliminates need for anti-seize. - High-grade alumina silicate ceramic. Fits: > 17-22 M8; 15-20(NU)Street XG750/500; 17-20(NU)XG750A Pris pr stk
Merke: MCS
With regular 'flat' key. 3-Way system. Off/On/On with lights. The 'thin style' housing offers excellent installation options in custom applications. OEM style replacement for 71425-77 and 71441-94. Fits: > 77-93 FX, FXR; 77-11 XL; 08-11 XR1200
Modellnummer: 920005
With 40A fuse. An optional battery cable kit for connecting the mo.unit (560671 Basic or 560670 Blue) to the battery. Overall cable length is 160cm. On one side the eyelet and heat shrink tubing is installed, the other eyelet is included and must be crimped to the cable after the cable is cut to the desired length. Kit includes 1x cable with installed eyelet and 2x eyelets, 2x heat shrink tubing and 2x 40A fuses. Note: See 925379 for a replacement 40A fuse. Fits: >