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Modellnummer: 931615
Merke: Champion
(6R12). 12mm threaded. 19mm (1/2") . Custom replacement for 32317-80 and 32362-04A. Passer til 99-17 Twin Cam; 86-20 XL (excl. XR1200) Pr Stk Pris
Modellnummer: 2410A
Merke: ACCEL
75-E82 FL; 75-79 FX; 84-99 EVO B.T. Pris for 2 stk
Modellnummer: 931614
Merke: Champion
H-D 5R6A. 14mm threaded, long reach. Used with a 21mm spark plug socket. Copper-core center electrode. Spark plug comes with the patented Ultraseal™ coated shell, to help keep the spark plug body corrosion free and better looking for a longer period of time. Fits: > L78-E82 FL; L78-79 FX; 84-99 B.T.(excl. TC); 75-E78 FL, FX (NU) Pris pr.stk.
Modellnummer: Y2418
Merke: ACCEL
For Twin Cam 99-17. 86-20 XL (excl. XR1200) U-groove = beste gnisten Selges som Par (2 STK)
Modellnummer: 931604
Merke: Champion
H-D Nummer (5R6A). 14mm threaded, 3/4" (19mm) Fits 75-E82 FL; 75-79 FX; Pr Stk Pris
Modellnummer: 931611
Merke: Champion
H-D 10R12A. 12mm threaded.. Custom replacement for OEM 32335-04. Fits: > 02-17 V-Rod; 96-10 all Buell Pr Stk Pris
Merke: MCS
With male 'spade' type terminals. 1/8" NPT threaded. OEM reproduction. For use in stock and custom applications. Fits: > 71-84(NU)FL; L72-84(NU)FX; 82-94(NU)FXR; 84-20 Softail; 80-20 FLT/Touring; 91-07(NU)Dyna; 02-17(NU)V-Rod; 79-20 XL
Modellnummer: YTX20HL-BS
Merke: YUASA
Volt: 12 Ah: 18,9 Lengde: 175 mm Bredde: 87 mm Høyde: 155 Vekt: 6,3 kg Kjemi: Bly (Pb) Info: 12V-18,9Ah Info2: CCA EN1 (Amps): 310 Diverse: High Performance M FFits: > 97-21 Softail; 97-17(NU)Dyna; 97-03(NU)XL; 07-17(NU)V-Rod (excl. 2007 VRSCR); all Buell S1, S3, ST, M2, X1
Modellnummer: 32726-30A
Stock style replacement for OEM 32726-30. Fits: > 30-99 B.T.(excl. Twin Cam); 54-03 XL (excl. 58-69 XL with magneto) IKKE MAGNET
Merke: MCS
12 Volt, 20Ah. 320 CCA (Cold Cranking Amps). Dimensions: 176mm long x 87mm wide x 155mm high. Motorcycle Storehouse AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries are of excellent quality, sealed and maintenance free. They offer a strong starting capacity, better than compatible flood acid type batteries. AGM batteries are charged during production but will require a re-charge before installation. Note before installation: Never(!) attempt to start the engine before you have fully charged your new battery, to prevent irreversible damage that will ultimately shorten its life span. It is absolutely mandatory to fully charge any new AGM battery before installation. After production AGM batteries are factory activated and will, during storage, slowly discharge. Re-charge at least every 3 months. Recharging sooner may be required in hotter or cooler temperatures. Vehicle electronics like a clock, alarm etc. will additionally drain an installed battery. AGM batteries will not handle a too deep discharge well. Keep them charged at a minimum of 12.4V for best performance through its life span. Connect the battery to a suitable automatic 'maintenance charger' when not in use for a period of time to retain the optimum charge level. Fits: > 97-22 Softail; 97-17(NU)Dyna; 97-03(NU)XL; 07-17(NU)V-Rod (excl. 2007 VRSCR); all Buell S1, S3, ST, M2, X1
Modellnummer: OEM 6R10 / RG6HCC
Merke: NGK
Repl. for OEM 6R10 / RG6HCC. 10mm threaded. 19mm (3/4") reach. 4 used on M8, 2 used on XG. Used with a 16mm spark plug socket. NGK copper core V-Power spark plugs feature a specially designed v-groove center electrode, improving ignitability and reducing quenching. The 98% pure copper core delivers increased heat dissipation for more reliable starts and reduced risk of overheating. - Cold-rolled threads prevent cross-threading and damage to cylinder heads. - Trivalent plating eliminates need for anti-seize. - High-grade alumina silicate ceramic. Fits: > 17-22 M8; 15-20(NU)Street XG750/500; 17-20(NU)XG750A Pris pr stk
Modellnummer: 950787
Merke: Nitro
Quality AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) sealed batteries. Tested, tried and approved as an excellent performer. Maintenance free. 12 Volt, 12AH; 200 CCA. Dimensions: Length 149 X Width 87 X Height 145mm Fits: > 02-06 all V-Rod; 2007 VSCR V-Rod only; 03-10 Buell XB & Buell Blast (NU)
Modellnummer: 950781
Merke: Nitro
Quality AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) sealed batteries. Tested, tried and approved as an excellent performer. Maintenance free. 12 Volt, 30AH, 385 CCA. Dimensions: Length 169 X Width 131 X Height 174mm Fits: > 97-20 FLT/Touring; 09-20 Trikes
Modellnummer: 508633
Merke: MCS
Single heavy duty starter relay for usu with 508632/4 & 900503/900655 hand starters Fits: > 65-86 4-sp FL, FX models.; 84-88 Softail (NU) with handstarter
Modellnummer: 512863
Merke: MCS
With 28" (71cm) wiring. Chrome plated steel rocker switch. This is a reproduction style handlebar switch like used on early H-D models. Also great for use in custom applications. OEM style replacement for 71840-29. Note: installation requires the drilling of two holes. Fits: > 52-72 K, XL (excl. 58-62 XLCH); 29-69 FL (NU)
Modellnummer: 515682
BLACK; DIE-CAST ALUMINUM Fits: > 70-99(NU)B.T. (excl. TC); 71-20 XL (excl. 08-12(NU)XR1200)