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Modellnummer: 914317
Merke: MCS
PETCOCK, SEN OEM STIL, HØYRE UTTAK Svart; høyre uttak; 1/4" (6,35 mm) drivstoffslange; med filter og reserve; 22 mm gjenger med mutter Passer til: > 75-06 B.T., XL(NU) (ekskl. inj. modeller); tollen med 75-up stil gjengede tanker
Modellnummer: 509262
Merke: MCS
Chrome; Used to install early 3/8 NPT threaded petcocks to late 22mm threaded fuel tanks Note: It is advised to use PTFE tape for a perfect seal Fits: >
Merke: MCS
Chrome; right outlet; for 1/4" (6.4mm) fuel hose; with filter & reserve; 3/8 NPT threaded. Why not have a custom petcock that looks like a million bucks? The Monster-Show is a high quality with a show compatible design. Comes with filter & reserve. The easy to operate fuel selector lever is equipped with a subtle 'click-feel' for positive placement of the lever from off to on or reserve. Fits stock fuel tanks in combination with standard 1/4" ID fuel hose. Note: Bottom side image is shown for an additional visual reference in 'lever' vs 'nipple' location. Left, right & down is referring to fuel nipple direction when looking at the petcock lever in 'off' position. Fits: > 66-74 Big Twin; 57-74 Sportster (NU); Custom gas tanks with internal 3/8" NPT thread
Merke: MCS
Chrome; right outlet; 1/4" (6.35mm) fuel hose; with filter & reserve; 22mm thread with nut Fits: > 75-06 B.T., XL(NU) (excl. inj. models); customs with 75-up style threaded tanks