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ALTMANN. AMM-P3 IGNITION MODULE, SINGLE FIRE Custom, no coil mounts. Compatible with stock crank sensor & coil. Three control knobs allow 4 settings for each range; maximum advance, advance curves and rev-limiter in 5750, 6000, 6250 and 6500 RPM. On stock motorcycles the ECU unit does not need to be removed, this way the ignition will work with the stock immobilizer and the ECU will only control the stock electronic speedo. On CAN-bus (HD-LAN) models the kill switch and tachometer (RPM) will not work. Will also work on fuel injected Evo models and 08-10 Buell XB (which have a crank sensors). Used on H-D engines to install an advanced, fully adjustable and dependable ignition system. Super simple to set-up, easier than a points ignition! Perfect for any stock to performance application and absolutely brilliant to get an engine running when converting from injection to carburetor. Adjustments can be done with engine off or running. Custom bikes require nothing else than the Atmann ignition, and the bike will run. No computer required. Suitable to provide best timing for maximum power for all engine capacities and tuning levels, including stock. Perfect idle at 900RPM or even at 350RPM, what ever your preference. Complete with instruction manual. Dimensions are 6x7x3cm, smaller than a pack of cigarettes. Fits: > All 99-17 Twin Cam; 04-22 XL Sportster. With carb or carb conversion (NU)