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Hex Nut Pack Chrome Hex head 5/16"-24 UNF Pris pr stk
Modellnummer: E100376
Merke: EUROL
Especially developed for use in H-D motorcycles. Can be used as motor, primary chain and transmission oil. This makes changing and topping off lubricants easier than ever. Compatible with all mineral and semi-synthetic oils. Meets or exceeds API JASO MA/2. Fits: > 84-23 B.T.; 86-22(NU)XL; 08-12(NU)XR1200; 02-17(NU)V-Rod; 15-20(NU)XG750/500 Street; 17-20(NU)XG750A Street Rod; 21-23 Sportster RH; 21-23 Pan America
Modellnummer: DCSRI2050-Q
Høytytende delsyntetisk 4-takts motorsykkelolje av høy viskositet for sport, langkjøring og racing applikasjoner, inkludert motorsykler med våtclutch. Sikrer hurtig girskift og høy beskyttelse ved høye temperaturer. Anbefales for amerikanske, europeiske og japanske motorsykler der 15W-50 eller 20W-50 er anbefalt. Kan også brukes i ATV’er der en olje med høy viskositet er ønsket.
Merke: EUROL
Lubricant for the primary chain of all Big Twin models where the primary is not equipped with an automatic oiler. Fits: > 65-23 Big Twin (excluding pre-E1984 models still equipped with the stock primary chain oiler system)
Singelgrad motorolje som anvendes i eldre motorsykler fra ca. 1950-> som ikke har våtclutch (amerikanske og europeiske motorsykler). Høy motstand mot oljeforbruk og meget god beskyttelse ved høye temperaturer, spesielt i luftavkjølte motorer.
Modellnummer: OEM 11105
Multi-application. Oversized version of MCS 507195 / OEM 11105. For use in problem situations. Fits: > 77-03 XL(NU): Crankcase, drain plug (1 used) 04-20 XL; 08-12(NU)XR1200: Primary cover, drainplug (1 used) 07-20 Softail; 07-20 FLT/Touring; 06-17 Dyna: Primary cover, drainplug (1 used) 93-20 FLT(2); 91-17 Dyna(2); 00-20 Softail(1): Transm. drainplug 93-00 FLT; 91-00 Dyna: Engine drainplug (1 used) 91-98 Dyna: Upper O-ring, dipstick cover transm. (1 used) L78-99 B.T. (excl. TC): oil pump plug check + relief valve plug (2 used) L70-99 B.T. (excl. TC): crankcase oil screen plug (1 used) Drainplug S&S B.T. crankcases, manufactured after Jan 5-2000
Modellnummer: RA8HC. 32317-80. 32362-04A.
(6R12). 12mm threaded. 19mm (1/2") . Custom replacement for 32317-80 and 32362-04A. Passer til 99-17 Twin Cam; 86-20 XL (excl. XR1200) Pr Stk Pris
Merke: MCS
VSPEC, 20W50 (MINERAL) MOTOR OIL. 1 liter bottle. Engine oil. Mineral. Meets or exceeds JASO MA/2. High quality lubrication, specially developed for use in stock and aftermarket H-D V-Twin models. Our oil engineers used quality base oils blended with the right additives to achieve the lubrication characteristics that can be trusted to give the ultimate protection for your bike in all circumstances
Merke: EUROL
Recommended for gear boxes working under high speed/low torque and low speed/high torque conditions. This chain and gearbox lubricant is specially formulated to meet the requirements of Harley-Davidson® models XL and XR, from 1971 onwards. It is also recommended for many other brands, providing that no API GL-5 transmission oil is prescribed. The oil contains additives to protect against corrosion, oxidation and foam with great low temperature fluidity and strength at high temperatures.
Modellnummer: 500771
Merke: EUROL
Del-synthetic motor oil. Used in motorcycles where engine, clutch and transmission are combined and use the same oil. For racing, touring and off road models. Protects clutch plates against slipping and sticking. Meets or exceeds JASO-MA specifications for wet clutches.
Merke: MCS
Chrome. Fits: > 84-98(NU)Softail; 80-98(NU)FLT; 82-94(NU)FXR; L84-20 XL; 08-12(NU)XR1200; 97-02(NU)Buell
Modellnummer: 908777
Crush washers used in combination with a banjo bolt and banjo fitting. GOODRIDGE Pris pr stk
Merke: EUROL
A fully synthetic transmission/gear oil for both manual gearboxes and in final drives and where an API GL-3, -4 or -5 specification is required being fully compatible with synchromesh gearboxes. The unique formulation not only prevents wear, but also corrosion and foam building are minimized. At high temperatures, the oil is protected against thermal oxidation. Because of the excellent EP characteristics, viscosity drop caused by high loads is minimal, even at prolonged drain intervals.
Modellnummer: E801550-250ML
Merke: EUROL
Eurol Brake Fluid DOT 5 is a silicone brake fluid. The product has a broad temperature range and ensures optimum performance at low temperatures and a low toxicity. It helps to prevent corrosion and provides excellent lubrication to rubber seals and metals. It extends brake system life-cycle and will not affect paints. Therefore it can safely be used in hydraulic brake and clutch systems of cars, (racing) motorcycles, Harley-Davidson bikes, go-karts, old-timers and in industrial applications.
Merke: EUROL
1 liter can. Transmission lubricant for use in all Big Twin transmissions. Fits: > 85-22 all Big Twin