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An item that can, optionally, be used in combination with the mo.Unit to simplifly your wiring harness by using the digital Bus-technology. You will be able to send several signals, from the 560671 mo.unit Basic or 560670 mo.unit Blue, through one single wire, to the mo.button. The mo.button can be mounted in the handlebar and from the mo.button several wires will go to the controls like turn signal left, turn signal right, lights, start, horn and front brake.
Works in combination with the m-Unit to reduce cable clutter Electronically connects all handlebar instruments, switches and buttons and transmits their signals to the m-Unit over a thin cable Can be integrated into the handlebar tube or any other suitable location Equipped with connections for: left and right turn signals, high- and low-beam headlights, E-starter, horn and front brake light switch