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Merke: EUROL
Del-synthetic motor oil. Used in motorcycles where engine, clutch and transmission are combined and use the same oil. For racing, touring and off road models. Protects clutch plates against slipping and sticking. Meets or exceeds JASO-MA specifications for wet clutches.
Modellnummer: 7090017690021
Dynocat 20W-50 Freerider MC 4-takt mineral AP
Merke: MCS
Full synthetic oil. All in One solution. Can be used as engine / primary / transmission oil. Okay to mix with all mineral and semi-synthetic oils. Meets or exceeds JASO MA/2. High quality lubrication, specially developed for use in stock and aftermarket H-D V-Twin models. Our oil engineers used quality base oils blended with the right additives to achieve the lubrication characteristics that can be trusted to give the ultimate protection for your bike in all circumstances. Proudly engineered and manufactured in The Netherlands. Fits: > 84-24 B.T.; 86-22(NU)XL; 08-12(NU)XR1200; 21-24 RA1250 Pan America; 21-24 RA1250S Pan America; 21-24 RH1250S Sportster S; 22-24 RH975T Nightster; 23-24 RH975S Nightster Special; 02-17(NU)V-Rod; 15-20(NU)XG750/500 Street; 17-20(NU)XG750A Street Rod
Merke: MCS
1 liter bottle. Single (mono) grade engine oil. Meets or exceeds JASO MA. Fits: > 36-83 B.T.; 57-85 XL. (excl. Evo engines)