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S&S, 585G CAMSHAFT (84-99 CAM FOR 48-69 CASES) Specialty cam. .585" Evo valve lift, .540" Pan/Shovel valve lift. Used in S&S Early Shovel & P-series engines. Required for setting up S&S P-series (Panhead style) heads to work with stock Shovelhead engines. Used in S&S Early Shovel & P-series engines. Cam lifts in Evolution heads (1.65:1 rocker ratio) are higher than in S&S Panhead or Shovel heads (1.5:1 rocker ratio). This results in an approximate 9% lower valve lift in S&S Shovel or Panhead engines. Spring spacing required. Fits: > 84-99 Evo style cam for 48-69 Panhead cases
ANDREWS, CHAIN DRIVE CAM SHAFT SET TW21/.498" .498" valve lift. Set includes two chain driven camshafts. A cam drive installation kit, that includes a gear cover gasket, cam bearings and retaining ring can be ordered separately as S&S 503593. Cams can be run with stock hydraulic lifters. Note: Owners of 1999 Twin Cams must separately purchase the splined 00-06 style driven gear (503575 Andrews). 00-06 models can re-use stock 34 tooth driven gear. Note: When using 99-06 chain drive cams for higher lift applications it is recommended to upgrade to gear drive or to convert to the 06-up hydraulic chain tensioners. Fits: > 99-06 Twin Cam (excl. 2006 Dyna) (NU)
ANDREWS, CAM DRIVEN GEAR. 34T Splined. Includes bolt, washers and 3 spacers. OEM style replacement. Fits: > 00-06 Twin Cam Softail; 00-03 FLT/Touring; 2005 Dyna (NU)