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Modellnummer: 920005
With 40A fuse. An optional battery cable kit for connecting the mo.unit (560671 Basic or 560670 Blue) to the battery. Overall cable length is 160cm. On one side the eyelet and heat shrink tubing is installed, the other eyelet is included and must be crimped to the cable after the cable is cut to the desired length. Kit includes 1x cable with installed eyelet and 2x eyelets, 2x heat shrink tubing and 2x 40A fuses. Note: See 925379 for a replacement 40A fuse. Fits: >
Merke: SPYKE
SPYKE, UNIVERSAL DIY BATTERY CABLE SET. GOLD PLATED EYELETS 72" (182cm) long battery cable with 6x 3/8" diameter eyelets. Allows the fabrication of 3 complete battery cables. Compatible with all OEM & high performance starters. Extremely flexible. They'll bend effortless, similar to a spark plug cable. Over 1600 tin plated thin copper strands are used in this thick 4 gauge / 5.19mm diameter / 19mm² cable (stock is just 6 gauge / 13mm²), which is covered by a silicone jacket. The 6 included heavy-duty terminals are gold plated for best and lasting electrical conduction, These can be fully sealed to the jacket to make the cable waterproof and corrosion resistant. Designed to reduce voltage drop so maximum power to the starter motor is insured. Heat and vibration resistant. Fits: > Universal
TAYLOR, 8MM SPIRO-PRO UNIVERSAL SPARK PLUG WIRE SET. BLUE Includes 24" long wires with pre-attached 90º plug boots (with double interlocking connectors) and two 180° (straight) coil boots and connectors. Cut to length required. Spiro-Pro core. Compatible with both electronic and points style ignitions. The special spiral wound ferromagnetic core provides resistance, 350 Ohms/ft., for electronic ignition systems and increases output. The Spiro Pro core provides over 10 times the power output when compared to a carbon core. Note: Some electronic ignition manufacturers do not recommend using spiral wound core cables. Check the instruction manual of your electronic ignition module for more information. When in doubt it is advised to use suppression core cables for electronic ignition set-ups. Note: If required, 90° (MCS 941256) and 180° straight (MCS 941257) coil boots & terminal connectors are separately available to use these spark plug wires on 99-17 (Twin Cam) style coils. Fits: > Universal for use with pre-Twin Cam style coils