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Modellnummer: 991106
Merke: MCS
Stock style face replacement speedo. With LCD insert. Fits: > 00-03 Softail (excl. FXSTD Deuce); 95-03 FLHR (NU)
Merke: MCS
Universal 60mm mini speedometer with scale in 1:1 drive ratio, this will accommodate most transmission drive H-D models. Complete with mounting bracket. Fits: > 62-80 FL; 71-72 FX; 80-83 FXWG(NU) with transmission drive
Merke: MCS
Universal 60mm mini speedometer with scale in 2:1 drive ratio makes it suitable for most front wheel drive H-D applications. Complete with mounting bracket. Fits: > Most models with front wheel drive; Some early models with transmission drive
Merke: MMB
This Ultra mini speedo with a chrome metal housing, a metal pointer and white 220 KMH face comes complete with dashlight fiitting and 12-Volt bulb. Ultra mini speedos have 12-1mm thread, this is the same as the 60mm 'regular' mini speedo so speedo cables are interchangeable. Fits: > HD MOST FRONT WHEEL DRIVE APPLICATIONS
Merke: MCS
Fits: > 83-90 XL, FX, FXR(NU)
Feature a trip meter and four LEDs built into the face of the speedometer Blue for high beam, green for neutral, red for oil pressure and yellow for turn signals Accept a 12mm cable Backlit with long-lasting LEDs Include wiring, connector and handlebar clamp Outside Diameter 61,00 mm (2,40") Style Mechanical Type Speedometer, Odometer, Tripmeter, 2:1