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Modellnummer: YTX20HL-BS
Merke: YUASA
Volt: 12 Ah: 18,9 Lengde: 175 mm Bredde: 87 mm Høyde: 155 Vekt: 6,3 kg Kjemi: Bly (Pb) Info: 12V-18,9Ah Info2: CCA EN1 (Amps): 310 Diverse: High Performance M FFits: > 97-21 Softail; 97-17(NU)Dyna; 97-03(NU)XL; 07-17(NU)V-Rod (excl. 2007 VRSCR); all Buell S1, S3, ST, M2, X1
Modellnummer: 950787
Merke: Nitro
Quality AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) sealed batteries. Tested, tried and approved as an excellent performer. Maintenance free. 12 Volt, 12AH; 200 CCA. Dimensions: Length 149 X Width 87 X Height 145mm Fits: > 02-06 all V-Rod; 2007 VSCR V-Rod only; 03-10 Buell XB & Buell Blast (NU)
Modellnummer: YTX20H-BS
Merke: YUASA
1 Volt: 12 1 Ah: 18,9 1 Lengde: 175 mm 1 Bredde: 87 mm 1 Høyde: 155 1 Vekt: 6,3 kg 1 Kjemi: Bly (Pb) 1 Info: 12V-18,9Ah 1 Info2: CCA EN1 (Amps): 310 1 Diverse: High Performance MF 175 x 8,5 x 15,5 cm
Merke: MCS
12 Volt, 14Ah, 200 CCA (Cold Cranking Amps). Dimensions: 149mm long x 87mm wide x 145mm high. Motorcycle Storehouse AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries are of excellent quality, sealed and maintenance free. They offer a strong starting capacity, better than compatible flood acid type batteries. AGM batteries are charged during production but will require a re-charge before installation. Note before installation: Never(!) attempt to start the engine before you have fully charged your new battery, to prevent irreversible damage that will ultimately shorten its life span. It is absolutely mandatory to fully charge any new AGM battery before installation. After production AGM batteries are factory activated and will, during storage, slowly discharge. Re-charge at least every 3 months. Recharging sooner may be required in hotter or cooler temperatures. Vehicle electronics like a clock, alarm etc. will additionally drain an installed battery. AGM batteries will not handle a too deep discharge well. Keep them charged at a minimum of 12.4V for best performance through its life span. Connect the battery to a suitable automatic 'maintenance charger' when not in use for a period of time to retain the optimum charge level. Fits: > 04-22 XL; 21-22 RH 1250 Sportster S; 08-12 XR1200; 14-20 XG500/750 Street; 17-20 XG750A Street Rod; 08-10 Buell 1125R/CR; 21-22 RA1250/S Pan America/Special
Merke: YUASA
Yuasa’s elite performer, the AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) series, has more cranking amps and higher amp hour capacity for years of trustworthy service. Fits: > KTM: 17-19 Super Duke GT 1290cc; 14-19 Super Adventure 1290cc; 09-16 RC8 1190cc; 13-16 Adventure 1190cc; 17-19 Adventure 1090cc; 03-13 Super Duke 990cc; 09-13 Supermoto, SM R 990cc; 03-13 Adventure 990cc; 09-11 Superenduro 950cc. BMW: 13-17 R1200GSW 1200cc; 08-17 R1200GS Adventure 1200cc; 05 -11 HP2 Sport / Megamoto / Enduro 1200cc; 13-16 F800GT (auxiliary battery) 800cc; 11-18 F700GS (auxiliary battery) 798cc. Honda: 2014 CTX1300 1300cc; 03-12 ST1300, A, P 1300cc; 09-18 VT1300CS, CR, CT, CXA FURY 1300cc; 10-14 VFR1200F 1200cc; 2013 VFR1200XD 1200cc; 16-17 VFR1200X 1200cc; 10-14 CB1100 1100cc; 2017 CB1100EX 1100cc; 16-17 CRF1000L Africa Twin 1000cc; 2018 NC750X, XD 750cc; 10-18 T750C, C2, C2B, RS Shadow/Phantom/Aero 750cc; 01-03 VT750DC, DCA, DCB Shadow Spirit 750cc; 10-13 NT700V 700cc; 09-13 DN-01 680cc. Suzuki: 18-19 DL1000AL8, AL9 1000cc. Yamaha: 09-20 VMAX 1700cc; 06-15 FZS1000 FZ1 1000cc; 09-17 XVS95CT,Y V Star 950,Tourer 950cc; 09-16 XVS95CC Copycat 950cc; 14-20 Bolt, Bolt R-SPEC 950cc; 2017 SC950 950cc.
Merke: YUASA
Volt: 12 Ah: 14,7 Lengde: 134 mm Bredde: 89 mm Høyde: 166 Vekt: 4,6 kg Kjemi: Bly Passer til Honda 750 four 73 mod.
Modellnummer: 925378
With 40A fuse. An optional battery cable kit for connecting the mo.unit (560671 Basic or 560670 Blue) to the battery. Overall cable length is 160cm. On one side the eyelet and heat shrink tubing is installed, the other eyelet is included and must be crimped to the cable after the cable is cut to the desired length. Kit includes 1x cable with installed eyelet and 2x eyelets, 2x heat shrink tubing and 2x 40A fuses. Note: See 925379 for a replacement 40A fuse. Fits: >
Modellnummer: 950785
Merke: Nitro
Quality AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) sealed batteries. Tested, tried and approved as an excellent performer. Maintenance free. 12 Volt, 22AH, 350 CCA. Dimensions: Length 205 X Width 90 X Height 162mm Fits: > 80-96 FLT/TOURING MODELS (NU)
Modellnummer: 950788
Merke: Nitro
Quality AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) sealed batteries. Tested, tried and approved as an excellent performer. Maintenance free. 12 Volt, 7AH; 120 CCA. Dimensions: Length 136 X Width 75 X Height 135mm Fits: > 70-78 XL; 71-78 FX(NU) (KICKSTART MODELS ONLY)
Modellnummer: 950789
Merke: Nitro
Conventional lead-acid battery. Comes dry, without electrolyte. 6-Volt. Dimensions: Length 115 X Width 100 X Height 214mm Fits: > 41-64 FL (NU)
Modellnummer: YBL30L-B
Merke: YUASA
300CCA; DIMENSIONS 168/132/176MM. Lead acid battery. Yumicron batteries have a special chemical formulated 'sulphate stop'. When a battery is left in a close to discharged state a crystal-like material is formed on the battery plate surface. This causes a higher resistance to conductivity and the battery becomes unable to store a full charge. The ' Sulphate-Stop' formula drastically reduces sulphate crystal build-up on the battery plate surface and increases life expectancy. The Yumicron CX version is even more powerful than the regular Yumicron. Fits: > 97-20 FLT/Touring; 09-20 Trikes
Modellnummer: YTX14L-BS
Merke: YUASA
Volt: 12 Ah: 12,6 Lengde: 150 mm Bredde: 87 mm Høyde: 145 Vekt: 4,6 kg Kjemi: Bly (Pb) Info: 12V-12,6Ah Info2: CCA EN1 (Amps): 200 Husk og ta mål av ditt batteri Fits: > 04-20 XL; 08-12(NU)XR1200; 14-20 XG750/500 Street; 17-20 XG 750A Street Rod ; 08-10(NU)Buell 1125R/CR
Modellnummer: 990890
Modellnummer: 941468
Merke: SUMAX
8 gauge wires. The choice when you require an excellent quality stock replacement cable. Contains 2 battery cables: 1x 11" long and 1x 16" long Fits: > 81-03 XL(NU)
Modellnummer: 978534
Merke: JIMS
Performance battery cables with 1666 individual cable strands for extreme flexibility. Lugs are manufactured with 99% pure copper with a 24K gold plating to maximize conductivity. Contains 2 battery cables: 1x 11" long, 1x 16" long Fits: > 81-03 XL models (NU)